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Softwin InfoTech sought out a technology that could provide a cost-effective, all-in-one solution. We help them understand their own information needs, and implement a completely new system.

As intranet specialists Social Business Interactive knows that every industry is unique and every company has a different vision and culture. Consequently, listening is an essential part of Social Business Interactive strategic planning process. We approached the Softwin InfoTech project with open ears and used an integrated, agile strategy to deliver complete and measurable solutions by following our specialized intranet project methodology.


We undertook an in-depth business and user requirements analysis & better understand Softwin InfoTech’s current practices. We also identified shortcomings with their processes, and their business and user needs. We created a Key Findings Report to support the next phase (Planning).


We devised a strategic plan, mapped out models, and set out designing the new information system in a manner that satisfied the collected requirements all while maximizing usability and streamlining the Software operations. We created an entirely new information architecture that changed how Softwin InfoTech’s information would be structured and stored. We created detailed wireframes to provide the basic visual prototype for how pages would appear.


We worked with new technologies to evaluate various demands from Customers. That’s why we are Special Source of Technology in Market.


The collection of intranet sites, workflows, a customized search engine, and applications were developed according to Softwin InfoTech’s specific requirements. Rigorous quality control and quality assurance testing were conducted to ensure that every system was functional and met the high-level exit criteria. The other significant task, a full content migration from the old system to the new Intranet, involved hundreds-of-thousands of documents and was accomplished using prescient established methodology.


We provided training to Softwin InfoTech’s system administrators and IT department. Maintaining on-going support is part of Social Business Interactive core values.


Using our proven methodology, Prescient and Social Business Interactive provided a complete social intranet solution for Softwin InfoTech. A significant factor that contributed to the success of the project was the time we dedicated to listening and understanding the IT core business, and their business and user requirements.

We worked together to develop a strategy and build a new system that:

  • Streamlined business processes
  • Made it easier for employees to find and share information
  • Satisfied a wide range of unique needs
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