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Softwin Biz is a robust & highly customizable system for all business models. For a decade, we have been excelling in providing quality rich solutions for top network marketing companies with popular and custom compensation plans.
We developed lot of domestic and international recharge MLM Software and providing the support and services to run their Software smoothly. We developed lot of domestic and international recharge MLM Software and providing the support and services.
Ecommerce has become a symbol of business success. We provide Full-featured software for direct selling business to manage distributors & customers, and their professional relationships & incentive programs.The software is packed with world-class features.
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E-Commerce Applications

E-commerce is the rapidly growing Business trend today. Many customers prefer buying online today, and the number of active buyers on internet keeps on increasing day by day.
At, Softwin Biz, we understand the latest trend of e-commerce, have in-depth knowledge of how online shopping system works & e-commerce strategies. Our team of professional web developers has a great experience of developing e-commerce websites that deliver a great online shopping experience and lead customers to complete the order.
At, Softwin, we have provided E-commerce Solutions for various clients with Elegant Design, easy navigated website layout, customized product management system, user database, custom applications, shopping cart software, Third-party payment gateway integration, and many more e-commerce solutions.
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MLM Calculators

Softwin Biz gives you an opportunity to know the earning prospects of joining an MLM network even before you take the first step.

Calculate Your MLM Plan, MLM Strategy and your Company's Profit ratio with help of our Binary MLM Calculator & Generation MLM Calculator.
MLM Business Plan Calculators can calculate the income, either in percentage or flat,from a particular MLM business from limited inputs. There are separate calculators for major MLM plans like BInary, Generation & Single Leg Plan.
This tool will help you calculate commissions for your multi-level marketing (MLM) efforts. First enter the average monthly personal volume (PV) of sales per associate.
Our Plans

MLM Plans

We have huge experienced of developing web based MLM Software, which give you an ease to track your customers, generate various reports, Keep a track of your sales, commissions, agents, revenue, hierarchical structure of your mlm business.
Binary Plan

Binary Plan

Binary MLM plan is widely used MLM compensation plan that follows two sub tree structure one at left and another at right.
50-50 Plan

50-50 Plan

50-50 CF Plan is based on the world famous Mobius Loop and is the most successful Peer-To-Peer Team Crowd-funding Plan.
Single Leg Plan

Single Leg Plan

Eventhough looks like level MLM plan it is much different from level plan. Mainly single leg plan works on first come, first serve.
Matrix Plan

Matrix Plan

A commonly used network marketing compensation plan where, the compensations are structured in specific a fixed ratio is maintained.
Generation Plan

Generation Plan

MLM Generation Plan is. Firstly, generation Plan is considered to be the powerful MLM Plan which can be paid upto many levels deep.
Party Plan

Party Plan

Party Plan MLM is a method adopted by marketers for promoting or marketing of products by arranging social events like a get-together.
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Services We Offer

Softwin Biz is the best Software company offers you an exclusive list of four important services that will enhance your multi level marketing business to an Enterprise level.

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SEO Services

SEO is term referred to Search Engine Optimization and it is the process by which your website gets more visibility by ranking in good positions or higher in search engines results page. The higher ranking of your website is higher chances to get visible by more and more customers and get business leads. Also you will get more visitors and new customers on your websites, if your site gets displayed on higher positions and frequently for relevant searches in search results page of major search engines like, Google, Bing, MSN.

Search Engine Optimization - SEO

Website Designing & Development

Social Media & Video Marketing

Online Reputation Management

Pay Per Click - PPC SEO

Online Content Marketing

Market Analysis & Keyword Research

Promoting Link Building