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Millions of transactions take place every moment in the world. Capturing the data, validating the details and executing the transactions in milliseconds are made possible by technology. Banking industry often finds itself on the brink of a newer revolution. Experimenting, bringing out new solutions, durability testing and scalability are the need of the hour. Softwin Infotech aim to simplify and automate the life of a banker by touching each and every aspect of the transaction.

Capabilities / Services
  • Deposits
  • Loans
  • Remittances
  • Debit Cards
  • Trade Finance
  • Clearing and Payments
  • Customer Management


In-depth business understanding, high-quality delivery capability and strong partnerships empower our robust portfolios of banking solutions. Our packaged solutions enable faster adoption of technology leading to greater and quicker business impacts.


Banking, a technology-intensive industry, has been at the forefront in adapting to newer tech trends. Our banking expertise and the solution prowess is bringing Change across Retail, Corporate, Cards & Payment and Treasury segments via our service portfolio.

Core Banking Testing Suite

Softwin Infotech provides end-to-end core banking testing solution along with reusable core banking test assets to meet the requirements of both product and banking companies. We make use of various models to ensure complete functional test coverage as well as to meet specific requirements of clients.

Solution Overview
  • Use Case Creation using Reverse Engineering
  • Automated Product Setup and Pre-requiste Automation providing Agile ready framework
  • Master and Test Data Creation
  • Data Driven RATF framework
  • Measurement of lines of code executed through automated test scripts
  • API Testing using custom built tools
  • Batch Testing using application specific approach
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