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Softwin MLM Software Demo for free to review all the features of each MLM Compensation Plan. You can check the functionality of MLM plan and commission calculation of every MLM Compensation Plan such as Binary Plan, Matrix Plan, Unilevel Plan, Stair-Step Plan, Board Plan, Gift/Donation/Help Plan, Generation Plan, Party Plan, etc.
Binary With Repurchse Demo
  • Matching Income
  • Repurchase Income
  • Daily Payout
  • Pair Cutting
  • Repurchase Weekly Closing
Level Investment
  • Level Income
  • Refferal Spot Income
  • Investor Return Income
  • Daily Payout
  • Free Joining
Daily ROI based
  • Level Income
  • Promotional Offers
  • Franchisee Income
  • Blog Reward Benifits
  • Cash Reward Benefits
Rank Based Generation Demo
  • Level Income
  • Direct Income
  • GPG Income
  • E-Commerce Payment Gateway
  • Rank Base Income
Hyper Binary
  • Red Pin, Paid Pin and Leader Pin.
  • Matching Income.
  • Royalty Income.
  • Weekly Payout.
  • Ratio- 1:2 or 2:1.
Generation With ECommerce Demo
  • Joining With Wallet.
  • Repurchase Income.
  • Incentive (Auto Filling) Income.
  • Joining on Placement Sponsor and Autofilling also.
Board plan
  • Binary Income.
  • Leadership Bonus Income.
  • Single Leg Income.
  • Daily Payout.
Recharge + Level Plan
  • ROI Daily, Level Income
  • Shipping Points, Prime Points
  • Recharge Wallet
  • Wallet Withdrawal