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Gift/Help MLM Plan Software

Gifting, Donations, and Crowd-funding are familiar words now. Here, everyone is getting opportunities to become entrepreneurs, no need to worry when you lack money!!!
In donation and helping systems, people help each other to meet everyone's dreams. Everyone will get the benefits, and thereby help each other. Giving and Receiving are the two concepts of gifting plan. In an efficient gifting comp plan software, these terms can be changed to Provide help and Accept help, or Give help and receive help. The donation plan providers use different namings based on their business strategies.
The helping - donation plan also known as help plan or gift plan or money order or bucket plan in MLM industry. Helping - donation plans are running various International MLM companies and their MLM networkers, MLM leaders and no doubt the company which managing all the transactions, earning the huge profit in a very short period of time.
Basically, this gift or help plan is a concept of give single and got multiple i.e. if you provide a single gift to a member, you got multiple gifts from others. Helping - donation plans are illegal in India and Indian Government declared that its money laundering. However, some countries Government allow such helping - donation or gift plans.
This plan is actually not a Multi Level Marketing Plan. Its Basic concept is to send gift to one Member and Receive gift from multiple Members. So member will be benefited with multiple receipt of gift from many members. Members will deposit money or gift directly to another Member as per the name highlighted by the system. Company / Admin will take some charge to run this operation for administrative expensive. Company can distribute some amount from the activation / registration charges. This Plan can be of multiple levels.

Features of Gift/Help MLM Plan

To know more Features :

Online registration to Provide Help and Receive Help

Different payment methods like Bank Deposit, PayPal, Perfect Money or Bitcoin etc

Payment proof upload option

Member to view and approve payments to get more help

Auto or manual help allocation settings

Help transaction history

Receipt generation facility

Extend more time for particular help

Internal messaging system to solve conflicts

The MLM Gift plan or Helping - donation Plan is the brand new version of network marketing or multi-level marketing & many people are interested in joining the MLM Gift plan/Donation Plan because of the simplicity of the gift plan and the chance of getting higher returns. Enhance your business growth with Helping - donation Plan and Crowdfunding Software. This a simple way to gain wealth.
Softwin Biz has a huge experience of developing Gift/Help MLM Plan Software and we have supplied our Board MLM Software to various MLM business & MLM Companies in India covering Mumbai, Pune, Satara, Sangli, Kolhapur, Belgaum, and many major cities throughout India.
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