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Binary MLM Plan is an Easy, Simple & Popular plan of all time. Many MLM Companies and Business work according to this plan and is very famous and widely accepted by Network Marketing Companies, Professionals, full time as well as part time members, housewives, and many others who want to make some extra income through MLM Business.
As it is named as Binary Plan, it allows only 2 members at 1st level of the plan. These are known as business centre, you can increase the depth of your network as much as you can. There is no limitation about the depth of the network.
In Binary MLM Plan, new members Joined into Binary Tree structure, which is one on left-side and another on right-side of the Binary sub-tree. Normally, one side of this Binary sub-tree is referred to as Power leg and other is Profit leg. These two legs of the Binary Tree can grow in any direction, i.e. inside or outside. The outside growing leg is another way known as power leg and the inside leg is known as profit leg.

Conditions of Binary MLM Plan

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Softwin Biz has a huge experience of developing Binary MLM Plan Software and we have supplied our Binary MLM Software to various MLM business & MLM Companies in India covering Mumbai, Pune, Satara, Sangli, Kolhapur, Belgaum, and many major cities throughout India.
The most popular concept in direct selling is Binary MLM. In Binary Level Plan individual is having two legs, first is right and left. Now a day's MLM leaders prefer to go with Binary Direct selling plan. In binary the commission is given upon joining in left side and right under his leg. Every each joined individual left and right will considered as pair. Whatever pairs will matching accordingly commission will be given company will consider.

In above diagram U is root and he is going to join, A is in his left side and B is in his right side, and A & B will be considered his first pair. But for company security company will be giving/ keep first pair as 2:1 or 1:2.

Depending on such condition company gives income. Third member from both side A & B will be considered as tail. In every condition company will keep tail as income of company. (This is the conditional statement that according to company strategy, company will consider first pair as 2:1 or 1:2 or keep. In other situation company want consider above condition they will consider 1:1 and giving income upon 1:1 income as first pair).

Hear is create chance to leader to form his own team. According to working capacity of member, leader will decide position of joining member. Later on whatever member will join in both side company will consider second income/ pair. Depending on matching pair income will issued to root member. if any member/ both member will active from his team and he is going to join member. The benefit will be given to root member.

U has joined 2 members in his team A & B, A has joined 3 member under his legs and B has joined 3 member in his leg, U will get 3 income as pr matching income rule. (According to sponsor extra benefit also given for direct referral sponsor / direct referral income).

Hear if U is not active then also company will generate payout according to company policy. Some time company will be having multiple product t that time BV / Business Volume or Product Volume. Due to that reason only Binary Plant is popular than other plan.

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